IMF Arrangements Data


The dataset includes a list of IMF arrangements between 1952 and 2017. It comes in two versions: A long dataset where the unit of analysis is country-year-arrangement, and a wide dataset where the unit of analysis is country-year. In both versions, we cover the full universe of states that existed for at least one year during the period, based on the list of independent states provided by Gleditsch (2021) and the Correlates of War Project (2017). 

Information about IMF arrangements are taken from IMF Annual Reports of the Executive Board, 1952-2017.


Please cite the data as:
Vreeland, James Raymond. 2007. The International Monetary Fund: Politics of Conditional Lending. New York: Routledge.

We would like to thank Lori Bougher and Duy Trinh for their contributions to the project.